Map and elevation processing


UgCS Mapper is a standalone, desktop applications and must be installed with it's own installation package. This software designed to create offline 2D maps in minutes. In-field assembled map provides certainty for UAV surveyors that acquired images quality and density is sufficient. This information is crucial to decide whether the flight should be repeated before leaving surveying area.
UgCS mapper can compile orthophoto from prerecorded set of images or life video stream.
Another feasible value of UgCS Mapper is for drone missions, that has to be flown in places with insufficient quality of publicly available map. Shortly after the first flight a more detailed map of the surrounding can be created for more precise planning. UgCS installation is not required, but still useful for UgCS Mapper. If UgCS installed (and licensed) UgCS Mapper uses Geoserver and Videoserver processes.
The following camera profiles are included in installation package, the usage of these cameras will not require calibration:

Vendor/Model Focal Length Resolution
Canon/Canon IXUS 220HS4.3 mm4000x3000
Canon/Canon PowerShot S1105.2 mm4000x3000
DJI/FC22045 mm4000x2250
DJI/XT28 mm4000x3000
Agrowing SONY ILCE-QX125 mm3610x2220
Agrowing SONY ILCE-7RM2any3610x2220
Agrowing SONY UMC-R10Cany3610x2220
senseFly/S.O.D.A10.2 mm5472x3648
DJI/FC300S3.6 mm4000x3000
DJI/FC2204.7 mm4000x2250
DJI/FC2204.7 mm4000x3000
DJI/FC6310S8.8 mm5472x3078
DJI/FC3303.6 mm4000x2250
DJI/FC24034.5 mm4056x3040
DJI/FC22044.4 mm4000x2250
DJI/FC3303.6 mm4000x2250
DJI/FC350Z4.1 mm4000x2250
DJI/FC63108.8 mm5472x3078